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1.    How do I participate in a Challenge? 

a.    Go to a specific Challenge via Clubs or Activity Feed or Explore (click on 'Challenges' and then 'All Challenges'). Then, click the Join button to participate on the challenge page.

2.    How do I complete a Challenge?

a.    Challenges are classed into two types - Trackable and Non-Trackable. Challenges have a start and end date. Therefore, you have to complete a Challenge before the end date.

b.    Trackable Challenge - Trackable Challenges require syncing with a Fitness app for Force for Good to track the user’s progress, or using our inbuilt GPS to track your progress. Trackable Challenges could be something like "Complete a 10km run". Trackable challenges can be completed via multiple attempts to hit the target.

c.     Non-Trackable Challenge - Such challenges do not require syncing with a Fitness app, or the use of our inbuilt GPS. To complete Non-Trackable Challenges, you will need to follow the challenge requirements detailed in the challenge description.

d.    To complete a Non-Trackable Challenge, go to the Challenge detail (i.e. My Favourite Yoga Pose) and click on "Submit Challenge". Then, on the following page, upload a photo and write a short description of the challenge. You have to complete a Non-Trackable Challenge before it expires.

e.    You can submit as many entries as you wish but only a stipulated number of entries will be awarded Good Points, as stated in the Challenge details.

3.    Where can I see all upcoming Challenges?

a.    In the Explore page.

4.    Where can I see the Challenges I'm participating in?

a.    From the Main Menu, click on Explore and then 'Challenges', and you can view the list of your Challenges under 'My Challenges', you are also able to see these in My Profile.

5.    How do I join a Charity Challenge?

a.    You can join a Charity Challenge like you would a regular Challenge, by selecting the join button.

b.    Charity Challenges can be distinguished in the Explore section, featuring the charity icon, and on the challenge page itself.

c.     When you join a charity challenge a fundraising page will be automatically created for you. You can edit the description, image and total fundraising goal by tapping on the edit icon at the top of the screen. NB: The minimum fundraising amount is $20 USD.

d.    You can share this fundraising page externally by tapping on the share fundraising page.

e.    You may also wish to donate directly.

6.    How do I receive Good Points for the Challenge?

a.    Good Points are awarded as advertised in the challenge details. This means the number of times you can receive points per Challenge completion. This may be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Every time.

b.  Good Points are awarded for each successful Challenge completion. They will not be awarded for unsuccessful / incomplete entries (depending on the challenge terms).

c.  If you feel like you should have been awarded Good Points and haven’t been, please content your Community admin.

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